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I/O modules

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All ICE I/O Modules

The digital I/O module sites can be configured for four types of electrical interfaces:

  • (S) 16-bit single-ended LVTTL
  • (D) 16-bit LVDS
  • (H) bidirectional 8-bit LVDS
  • (R) 4-lane, bidirectional RocketIO

The connector accepts a ribbon cable connector or one of the 2×2.6in form factor modules listed below. The module sites use FPGAs to perform optional clock and MSB inversion, muxing/demuxing of data bits, packet parsing, and time code processing. The standard FPGA program supports 1-, 4-, 8-, or 16-bit data words, real or complex. If an ICE-A2D or ICE-D2E is connected, the FPGA can also be used to generate a sampling clock if not supplied externally. Dual-module sites are clocked independently to allow for short- or long-term clock skew or different sampling rates. They may also be locked to either one of the sources.

If you need to remove an I/O module on a ICE-PIC card, please click here for instructions. For specific measurements for PIC5+ I/O modules, please refer to the I/O Module Specifications page.

Note: SFP Transceivers are available from ICE for applicable I/O modules.