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Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The Digital to Analog Waveform Generator module, ICE-D2AWG-m3, is the newest module designed for use with the new ICE-PIC8 series DSP card. High fidelity, 500 MHz bandwidth with output center frequencies from 1 MHz to 2500 MHz are available. Complex signal-source data can be streamed to the module for output.


  • 5 Gsamp/sec DAC
  • 14-Bit DAC resolution
  • Output Frequency 1-2500MHz
  • 36-bit Digital NCO used for Output Center Frequency
  • AC Coupled Output
  • Available 34 dB gain range
  • -20dBm output power nominal


Pdf icon 22x22.png ICE-D2AWGm3_30APR2020_with_history.pdf