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Analog to Digital Converter Module
A2D-r8 Top
A2D-r8 Bottom


A2D-r8 Functional Diagram
  • Utilizes TI ADS5424
  • 14-bit 105 MSamp/sec A/D converter 1Vp-p analog input range
  • Jumper-selectable AC- or DC-coupled analog input
  • External clock derived via a comparator, AC-coupled 1Vp-p
  • Oscillator socket (for user supplied clock, jumper selectable with external comparator clock)
  • External connector for 1-PPS LVTTL input-stored in bit 0 of 16 bit word (14-bit data MSB-aligned)
  • Over/underflow output on data bit 1 of 16-bit word (14-bit data MSB-aligned)

Note: For Use Only With ICE-PIC5XL or ICE-PIC6 or ICEPIC8(Consult Factory)

Jumper Settings

DC- or AC-Coupled

Jumper DC-Coupled1,2 AC-Coupled
J7 1 & 2 SHORT 2 & 3 SHORT
J8 1 & 2 SHORT 2 & 3 SHORT
J9 1 & 2 SHORT 2 & 3 SHORT


  1. For sampling rates Of 2 MSPS and below, DC-coupling should be used.
  2. DC-coupled is the default setting when delivered.

Digital 3.3V Power Source

Jumper Voltage Regulator1 Board Header2
J4 1 & 2 SHORT 2 & 3 SHORT


  1. 3.3V digital power via voltage regulator (default power setting when delivered)
  2. 3.3V digital power via board header (not an available source for the ICE-PIC3T or ICE-MBT3)

Analog 5V Power Source

Jumper Board Header1 External2
J2 2 & 3 SHORT 1 & 2 SHORT


  1. 5V analog power via board header (default power setting when delivered)
    5V power is shared between digital logic and analog logic.
  2. 5V analog power via external power source:
    For normal operation, you will not need external power connections. Users who wish to supply the analog circuitry a "quieter" external power source, separate from the digital power connection as provided above, can connect to one or both pins of J2 a separate 5V supply.


  • For connecting to J2, Digi-Key supplies a terminal housing (Part Number: WM2601-ND).
  • You will also need 2 terminals for the housing (Part Number: WM2200-ND).
  • Wires: 22-30 AWG.

External Clock Selection

Jumper SMB Comparator1 User Supplied Oscillator2
J6 1 & 2 SHORT 2 & 3 SHORT


  1. Default selection when delivered.
  2. User supplied oscillator—Oscillator (X4) should be 5V with CMOS output.


This model is in production. For pricing, please see the Pricing page.