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At ICE Enterprises, we design and manufacture low-cost, high-performance computer solutions for digital signal processing applications. Our OEM solutions are used by corporations, research institutions, and government labs around the world to solve many of their most demanding data-acquisition and signal-processing problems. Our unique mix of experience, technical skills, and corporate agility allows us to meet the needs of a diverse customer base in the face of uncertain requirements and timelines. More about ICE...

Why ICE Products?

ICE products are used in thousands of systems around the globe. Our data interface cards provide reliable, cost-effective data transfer at near-theoretical speeds on most computers. Our input and output modules provide a wealth of analog, digital, and optical interface options. Our portable and rack-mount integrated subsystems give customers a turn-key solution to their recording, playback, and signal processing needs. Don't see quite what you need? Give us a call: we can often deliver a custom solution that meets or exceeds your requirements.

Featured Product


ICE-COOLER PCIe Expansion Chassis
• PCI-Express Gen3 endpoint connection over optical link
• Expands a single internal x8 PCIe Gen3 server slot to two (or more) external slots
• External chassis accommodates up to 2 ICE-PIC6/7/8 cards (including long format cards)

The ICE-COOLER is a PCIe Gen3 expansion chassis that is attached directly to a host computer’s PCIe bus through a small local host bus adapter (HBA) card and a pair of optical fibers. The ICE-COOLER can accommodate all series of ICE-PIC6/7/8 cards (including long format cards) in any configuration. By using the ICE-COOLER, ICE-PIC cards, IO modules, and processor modules are cooled without the need to depend on airflow in the host computer.