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L-Band Tuner/Base Band Down Converter

The ICE-LB2D-M3 is a single-site L-Band tuner module with integrated three-stage preselector, switched LNA, and high-resolution A/D converter.


  • Input Frequency Range: 900 – 2200 MHz[1]
  • Input Power Range: -104 to +0 dBm
  • Integrated Switched LNA (Fixed Gain +20 dBm/1.4 dB NF)
  • Integrated dual 14-bit A2D converters
  • Input Gain/Attenuation controls with 70 dB Gain
  • Multi-module trigger input via Digital I/O port
  • Integrated 3-stage RF Pre-selector
  • Input Bandwidth: 1-110 MHz[2]
  • Internal or External 10 MHz Reference
  • External 1PPS LVTTL Input
  • Input Signal Power Read Back Capabilities
  • Single-site module for use with ICE-PIC6 and newer DSP cards


  1. For wider 800 – 2300 MHz frequency range Consult Factory
  2. For greater than 110 MHz bandwidth Consult Factory


Pdf icon 22x22.png ICE-LBand-20200430.pdf