Effective January 1st 2022, ICE Enterprises will increase all product prices by 20%. Market forces, both rising component cost and increasing material lead time, are requiring the first price adjustment in company history. This price increase will allow ICE Enterprises to continue to design and manufacture quality electronic hardware as has been the case for over two decades. ICE Enterprises will honor all current price quotes and accept orders at existing pricing through the end of December 2021.


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Gigabit UDP Input/Output SDDS Module
UPD-r6 Side A
UPD-r6 Side B
Virtual Diagram

The ICE-UDP-r6 module (follow-on replacement to the ICE-UDP-r5 module) is available now and shipping in production quantities. It is functionally equivalent to the ICE-UDP-r5, but supports larger inter-packet gaps, out-of-order packets, and sequence filling for dropped packets.


  • One Gigabit UDP serial-to-parallel LVTTL converter
  • Provides full UDP, AARP, and ARP network protocols
  • X-Midas/NeXtMidas and C user interfaces
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet and SDDS protocols

Status and Configurations

This model is in production. For pricing, please see the Pricing page. Two configurations are available:

  • Copper SFP (P/N: ICE-UDP-r6-CPR). This is the standard configuration.
  • 1310 nm fiber (P/N: ICE-UDP-r6-FBR)