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A Laptop Sized DSP Platform with 6-Core Xeon and 64GB of Memory

The ICE-Tray provides the processing you need all in a single enclosure. In a laptop-sized platform, the ICE-Tray is the newest generation of ICE solutions for your portable signal processing needs.

The ICE-Tray is designed to take full advantage of ICE DSP signal input and output modules with 1GHz bandwidth and processor module hardware with gate array capabilities enabling real-time processing. The ICE-Tray is a logical outgrowth of the popular ICE superPAC with the addition of a 6-Core Xeon® CPU for more processing power.

Users can configure the ICE-Tray with up to 4 single site or 2 Dual Site modules or a combination depending on your signal processing needs. Two UltraScale™ K8Ms or the new UltraScale+™ K8P processor modules can be installed and have direct access to two QSFP+ sockets. External multi-terabyte storage capability is also available. Gigabit Ethernet control and three USB 3.1 connections are provided.


  • Internal ICE-PIC8 with I/O Modules, Dual Processor Module Support
  • Intel® 6-Core Xeon® 2.8GHz Processor with 64GB of RAM
  • Full stand-alone capability in a 1.35” thin, small aluminum enclosure.
  • Dimensions 14.9” x 10.35” x 1.35”
  • 1GbE Network Control Port
  • USB 3.1 x3 / USB 2.0 x2 / HDMI 4K2K video



This model is in production. For pricing, please see the Pricing page.