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Processor Module
Notice: End-of-Life has been announced for this product. It has been superseded by the ICE-K8M. Please see End-of-Life for details.


  • Virtex-6-based processor module, with 512MB of memory
  • Standard module uses Xilinx LX240 chip
  • Please call for details


  • Total connector bandwidth in: 800 MB/s
  • User-specified cores for pre-processing
  • 8 x 65MHz digital tuners
  • 32 x 16MHz digital tuners
  • 256 x 1MHz digital tuners
  • 2048 x 100KHz FFT-based channelizer
  • 4096 pt real-time spectrum analyzer
  • User-specified cores for post-processing
  • Total connector bandwidth out: 800 MB/s

Typical cores include demodulation, parametrization, real-to-complex data conversion, resampling, FIR filters, signal generation, etc.

Please note: If the post-processing is not performed on the module, the total number of channels × the output bandwidth cannot exceed the total connector output bandwidth.


EOL has been declared for this model: see End-of-Life for details. Please call for pricing and availability.