Effective January 1st 2022, ICE Enterprises will increase all product prices by 20%. Market forces, both rising component cost and increasing material lead time, are requiring the first price adjustment in company history. This price increase will allow ICE Enterprises to continue to design and manufacture quality electronic hardware as has been the case for over two decades. ICE Enterprises will honor all current price quotes and accept orders at existing pricing through the end of December 2021.

SDDS Status

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SDDS-Compatible Hardware

  • SDDS header / timecode processing supported on PIC4T, MBT4, and PIC5.
  • Transport can be digital (E2D,LV2D) or GiGE (UDP-850nm, UDP-1300nm, or UDP-Copper).

SDDS Experiments

  • Initial testing using white noise test file from SDDS hardware, played back via NeXtMidas.
  • Field tests with Fiber modules on Lampwool using ICE314 and optical splitter in 2003.
  • ITT Ashburn successfully completed experiment in Denver (again with splitter).
  • Currently have ~50 fiber modules in the field.
  • Completed Copper GiGE module based on same protocol chipset for compatibility.
  • Delivering 32 Copper UDP modules to RRC for project using Packet Switcher based on Cisco router.

SDDS Packet Software

  • Lampwool and TIVO functions implemented in the SNAPPER macro.
  • Added JOIN and LEAVE of up to 4 simultaneous channels per module in ICE316.
  • ICE Archiver attaches directly to Sourcepic to efficiently copy streams to disk.
  • Archiver creates Table of Contents file with start/stop/channel information for each cut.
  • Headers optionally placed in separate files for performance.
  • Cuts can be protected or overwritten using oldest cut algorithm.
  • Clients download and examine the TOC to determine the cuts of interest.
  • Supports HTTP, TCP, UDP, or MFTP Protocols for exporting SDDS packets to processing engines.

Packet Pitfalls

  • No more dual channel master/slave on same sample, must use timecode for alignment in downstream processing.


  • Write macro to turn SDN data into SDDS channel. Components already exist.
  • Finish channelizer on MBT4, multicasting 256+ FDM channels into SDDS switch.