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ICE 1U PCI Express Expansion Chassis
Notice: End-of-Life has been announced for this product. It has been superseded by the ICE-COOLER. Please see End-of-Life for details.

The PCIe Expansion Chassis accepts up to two (2) ICE-PIC cards (including the Long format), which are connected to the host machine's PCIe bus via the included Host Interface Card (HIC) and PCIe 3.0 x16 cable. (Click on the photos below to enlarge).

ICE-Extension Chassis front web final 1200x107.jpg
Front with Indicator LEDs to the Right
ICE-Extension chassis rear web final 1200x122.jpg
Rear with Two ICE-PIC6 Cards Installed*
Cable and HIC Card web final 1200x1029.jpg
Host Interface Card with 1m PCIe 3.0 x16 Cable

* Note: ICE-PIC cards sold separately. Chassis ships with cold-swap power supply.


EOL has been declared for this model: see End-of-Life for details. Please call for pricing and availability.