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Dual Channel 3.0 GSPS Analog to Digital Input Module

The ICE A2D-m20 is a dual channel 14-bit analog-to-digital converter input module for use with the PCIe Gen3 ICE-PIC8 and ICE 8th generation series of high-speed digitizer interfaces. There are two digital down converters accessible from either A2D channel. Further decimation and sub-band digital tuning of the DDC output is also available on the ICEPIC8 card. Various DDC decimation choices are available. Using the A2D-m20 on the ICEPIC8 DSP card can yield a maximum of two 500MHz Complex Integer bandwidths or one 1GHz Complex Integer bandwidth [Complex Integer (CI)] that can be processed in real-time through a single ICEPIC8 series device.

The on-board clock synthesizer uses a 10MHz reference from either an external source or via an on-board temperature-controlled crystal oscillator (TCXO).

The use of external 10 MHz and 1 PPS reference signals allows for a disciplined reference and precision time tagging/stamping of digitized data.


  • 14-bit resolution
  • Dual Channel 3.0 Gigasamples/sec
  • AC Coupled Input
  • Analog Input nominal 0 dBm
  • SFDR at max sample rate is > 70 dB (See Figure 3)
  • 3dB sample-and-hold Bandwidth 10 MHz – 4.0 GHz
  • External 1PPS input for precision time stamping of data
  • External 10MHz reference input
  • Dual I/O Site module for use with ICEPIC8 and 8th generation series Cards/Devices