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Peripheral Interconnect Component
Notice: End-of-Life has been announced for this product. It has been superseded by the ICE-PIC6. Please see End-of-Life for details.

The ICE-PIC5XL is a programmable digital I/O processor combined with a powerful DSP processor.


  • Two 32-bit digital I/O module sites (640 MBytes/sec full duplex for each I/O module)
  • One SMB connector for external synchronization
  • One Xilinx Virtex-2 Pro programmed as a 32/64-bit PCI controller (3V), IOC controller, and packet router
  • 256MB DDR SDRAM for short term memory with 2.6 GBytes/sec bandwidth
  • Two processor module sites for application specific processing needs with 1.3 GBytes/sec bandwidth, such as digital tuning, demodulators, FFT processing, or PLD processing.
  • All components are software configurable to support a variety of processing needs. (See Processor modules for available models).


For PIC5XL questions regarding software, I/O Modules, and re-flashing the card, please refer to the FAQ.

Status and Configurations

EOL has been declared for this model: see End-of-Life for details. Please call for pricing and availability.

There are many possible configurations for the ICE-PIC5XL based upon which I/O modules and Processor modules are chosen.