Effective January 1st 2022, ICE Enterprises will increase all product prices by 20%. Market forces, both rising component cost and increasing material lead time, are requiring the first price adjustment in company history. This price increase will allow ICE Enterprises to continue to design and manufacture quality electronic hardware as has been the case for over two decades. ICE Enterprises will honor all current price quotes and accept orders at existing pricing through the end of December 2021.


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ICEPOD Portable High-Speed Recorder 1.5Gbyte/sec
Notice: End-of-Life has been announced for this product. It has been superseded by the ICE-POD8. Please see End-of-Life for details.
Fig. 1 - Interface Side

The portable ICEPOD6.5-HSR provides stand-alone high-speed capture at up to 1.5 Gigabytes/sec. The ICEPOD6.5-HSR is an all solid-state device with no internal moving parts.

Various analog, digital, and optical modules are available, including Optical 10Gigabit (ICE-UDP-10G-r2 shown at the right), direct digital, 14-bit analog (ICE-A2D-M14) and wideband 12-bit analog (ICE-A2D-M18) options. All heat is transferred via conduction to the external surfaces (see Fig. 2) of precision machined 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum housing.

The ICEPOD6.5-HSR is a completely self-contained recording system that includes an embedded Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7[1] mobile quad-CPU processor with 16 Gigabytes of system RAM. The model ICEPOD6.5-HSR is configured with 5.6 Terabytes of internal, high speed, solid-state storage. The ICEPOD6.5-HSR is a very small form-factor recorder.

Fig. 2 - Heat Transference


  • Dimensions 12.0” x 5.9” x 2.3” / 14.6” x 6.8” x 4” with cooling enclosure
  • Low power: runs on 12-volt DC power. Depending on hardware used, a typical configuration consumes ~60 Watts. Maximum power is ~110 Watts.
  • Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge Quad-Core Mobile processor with Gigabit ethernet interface
  • Dual I/O module sites for use with analog in/out, direct digital in/out, or optical in/out interfaces. For wideband ICE-A2D-M18, both module sites are occupied.
  • Dual processor module sites for application-specific processing needs (ideal for ICE-V6M Virtex 6 FPGA)
  • External synchronization or external IRIG-B input for time tagging
  • High-speed 1500 MBytes/sec memory capture/playback (depending on modules used)
  • Single 1500 MBytes/sec or dual 500 Megabytes/sec sustained recording to 5.6TB of solid-state storage
  • All components are software configurable to support a variety of processing needs.
  • Two ICEPOD 6.5 units can be mounted side-by-side on a rack shelf.


(Applications are specific to I/O and Processor module selection)

  • Wideband data acquisition for spectral analysis, etc., plus processor-specific apps
  • Video disk applications for data capture and playback
  • Communications transmission
  • Instrumentation

Shown below is an example digital-to-analog IF output modules that could be installed in the ICEPOD6.5 for dual-channel IF-output playback of data. This IF output configuration (ICE-D2AWG) is capable of dual playback at 400 megabytes/sec from solid-state storage. In all of the ICEPOD models, the I/O and processor modules installed determine the "personality" of the unit.

Functional Block Diagram
Hsr-block-diagram 369x188.png

Example Plots

Example Scenario with 100 MHz bandwidth centered on 70 MHz
Hsr-example-plots-70MHz 535x295.png

Example Scenario with 120 MHz bandwidth centered on 140 MHz
Hsr-example-plots-140MHz 531x293.png

Example Connectors

Connector Manufacturer Part Number Description J-Number
Signal Connections
Analog Out Rt. Angle SMA Connector J1
Reference In Emerson 131-1701-371 Rt. Angle SMB Connector J2
Trigger In Emerson 131-1701-371 Rt. Angle SMB Connector J3
Broad Connection
Data Connection Samtec QTE-020-03-F-DA 40-Pin Connector J4
Power Connection Standard 2-Pin Header J5
Physical Connection
Standoff (2 each) Physical Connection
Mating Connectors
SMB (J2, J3) Amp 414946-1
Huber Suhner 11SMB-50-2-40
Data (J4) Samtec QSE-020-01-F-D-A 40-Pin Connector

ICE Interface Cables

ICE-CAB-SB5 (for J2, J3) 5 ft. BNC to SMB cable
ICE-CAB-SMA (for J1) 5 ft. BNC to SMA cable


Very Important Disclaimer: Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to reflash an ICEPOD—this may result in rendering the unit unusable and unrecoverable!! They are configured to work correctly prior to shipping and do not require end-user modification.


EOL has been declared for this model: see End-of-Life for details. Please call for pricing and availability.

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