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ICE’s complete all-in-one portable system.
Notice: End-of-Life has been announced for this product. It has been superseded by the ICEPOD 6.5. Please see End-of-Life for details.
ICEPOD 6 with Docking Station
ICEPOD 6 with laptop for reference (laptop not included)
ICEPOD 6 Side Measurement

The ICEPOD6 provides new capabilities for mobile users. It is an entirely solid-state device with no internal moving parts. All heat is transferred via convection to the external surface of the enclosure. The ICEPOD6 enclosure is made from aircraft grade aluminum. It is a completely self-contained unit that includes an embedded computer with 4 or 8GBytes of system RAM, a solid-state operating system drive, multiple solid-state data-array drives, and a complete ICE-PIC6 with the ability to host dual input/output modules and dual processor modules.


  • Approximately 12” x 6” x 2”
  • Low power: runs on 12-volt DC power with a typical power consumption of 45-50 watts. With both CPU cores, both processor modules running full FPGA applications, and disk drives is constant use, the peak power consumption is 80-85 watts.
  • Silent operation (when implemented without the docking station)
  • Cover plate for protection when in transit, secured with four heavy-duty thumb screws


Operating Temperatures

Thermal images when operating without the Docking Station:


Docking Station

ICEPOD 6 Interface Side
Interface Side
With Cover
With Cover

The Docking Station for the ICEPOD 6 serves a number of helpful purposes:

  • Stabilizes the compact system while sitting on a flat surface
  • Cools the ICEPOD by directing air blown by fans over its surface
  • Daisy-chains DC power to the ICEPOD via barrel-connecting power cables
  • ICEPOD is secured to the Docking Station with four heavy-duty thumb screws


Very Important Disclaimer: Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to reflash an ICEPOD—this may result in rendering the unit unusable and unrecoverable!! They are configured to work correctly prior to shipping and do not require end-user modification.

Status and Configurations

The ICEPOD 6.0 is no longer in production. It has been superseded by the ICEPOD 6.5. Please see the End-of-Life page for more details. Previously available configurations include the following:

Model Memory Storage
ICEPOD6-M3 4GB 512GB solid state
ICEPOD6-M4 8GB 512GB solid state
ICEPOD6-M5 8GB 1TB solid state
ICEPOD6-M6 8GB 2TB solid state

Note: I/O modules and processor modules sold separately.